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Vacancy Paperbacks Are Here!

That’s right, you can grab The Weary Traveler and The Wayward Deed in paperback now!

The third and final book in the series, The Willful Inheritor, will also be available in paperback as soon as (or slightly after, proof copies take FOREVER to ship) the book itself releases in the next few weeks.

Di was gracious enough to do a little photoshoot with my copies. I was so wrapped up in how cute he is, that the books didn’t come out looking great in the photos, but I know you know what a book looks like, Dear Reader, so enjoy the cat.

Pls buy book so I can has more cronch. (Very 2006, I know)
I love these book so much, you don’t even understand. They’re better than nip! – Di
I got REAL mad at mom after this picture even though I’m the one who jumped up on the table and insisted on being in the pictures in the first place!

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