January 2022 Giveaways and Deals!

I’m sure most of you have a resolution to read more, as you should. I do! And along that vein, let me provide you with an amazing place to start.

New Year, New Worlds SF/F Giveaway

Sci-fi and fantasy novels, novellas, and shorts, all free for the new year. Grab these books now because they’re gone at month’s end!

The Fantastic Collection

Tons of ebooks in this link all in Kindle Unlimited which means you can read them for free or at a really great price. Horror, fantasy, and sci-fi filled with zombies, mages, and spaceships–what more could you want?

The Ghost and the Librarian
by: S. H. Steele

Get it now, for free!

Kiyo “Kiki” Mori has been offered a job as a library manager in Custer, Washington. James “Micky” Michael Lyndell sells his grandfather’s house to Kiki. When they meet, Micky instantly becomes smitten with her. Unbeknownst to either of them, James Harrison Lyndell, still occupies the 1950s style home. After a week of settling into her new place, Kiki is thrown into life with a ghost when James appears in an upstairs bedroom. The two quickly become unlikely friends as they learn more about each other.

Will Micky be able to crack through Kiki’s introverted walls? How will James help these two figure out they belong together? And what regret is tying James to this world?

Demon Curse
by: Marie Flynn

Get it now on Kindle!

One desperate man’s deal with a demon changes the course of history.

Loser. Failure. Arrogant. He’s been called too many insults to count, but Nick Barnes is going to prove his cold family wrong (about the first two. He fully acknowledges the third, and it’s a point of pride). How could saving the world be a terrible life goal? His pharmaceutical company has been contracted to create a secret government bioweapon, but little do they know, he’s creating the only antibiotic to cure it. Okay, so saving the world while getting rich. It’s capitalism after all.

But as the deadline approaches to deliver the deadly bacteria, failure after failure (and Dad’s abrasive voice) threaten to destroy everything he built. Out of options, Nick accepts a friend’s shady deal, but he awakens surrounded by demons. With exciting new abilities and a loosened inhibition, saving the world just got a whole lot easier, even if it involves some collateral damage.

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