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Preorder Available and Release Date Set – The Willful Inheritor

I’ve been talking about it a lot, Dear Reader, but the release date of Vacancy Book Three: The Willful Inheritor is finally announced! The final book in the Vacancy series will be here on January 26, 2022 and you can preorder it here!

As the other two books in this series already are, this one will also be Kindle Unlimited upon release, and to celebrate, The Weary Traveler will be free for five days, 1/26/22 through 1/30/22. Ah, just look at that, finally, all three, all together!

There will also be a paperback option for The Willful Inheritor and electronic omnibus if you haven’t read any of them and would like to pick up all three at once for a slight discount.

And, Dear Reader, that’s only the beginning of 2022. We have such a long way to go from here and so many more stories to tell. Onward!

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