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January 2022 Newsletter

Another month, another newsletter, this one with some life and Vacancy details. And of course it’s full of great freebies! Check it out here!

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In the newsletter, I talk about the upcoming release of The Willful Inheritor and give this general update:

In other writing news, I’m pressing on with both Blightwood and Bad Blood (or whatever I end up calling it). I’ve had some computer issues over the last few months, terrible timing what with moving and all, and I’ve had to update Scrivener 3 (a software I will simultaneously praise and curse probably forever), so the actual text and notes for all these projects is kind of a mess. I have backups, for sure, and backups for my backups, but the next step is really devoting an entire day to transferring everything to my new laptop and learning new software. See, being a self-published author isn’t all lattes and fireside writing sessions, it’s cursing at your computer and not just because you can’t think of a better word for “kiss,” and being, like, totally responsible for all your junk. Ew.

I also included this new promo image. Is it too much? Is it not enough? No idea, I just have a lot of fun messing around with Canva, so here’s that!

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