Last Day to get The Weary Traveler for FREE

The Weary Traveler is free today, 1/30/22, so you should absolutely pick it up if you haven’t yet and get started on the Vacancy series! This is the last time it will be free for a while, so, ya know, do what ye will.

Here’s an excerpt, if you’d like a taste before not-actually-buying-but-potentially-heaping-onto-your-TBR.

Also, the series is complete, and the whole thing’s in KU, so it can be binged all at once if that’s your jam!

Mini update from me: I’ve been hard at work on my next project, the working title one, and I think it’s gonna be three novels, Dear Reader, not just a standalone, which means I’m delving into some actual romance. I mean, there’s romance in Vacancy for sure, but it’s B-plot. The romance in Working Title Bad Blood is much closer to A-plot, and might even be a little steamy, and I’m not sure how to balance that with comedic bad guys and silly tree magic and demonic plans for world domination. Like…can you take two people getting hot and heavy seriously when there are cartoonishly evil villains running around??? I guess we’ll just have to see!

That also means I need to commission three covers and not just one which is pretty exciting since I’m considering getting illustrated covers done. That’s my dream, having D&D-esque, old-school, fantasy covers, but they’re expensive, so that means someone needs to buy my existing books so I can finance my future books. Everything is cyclical, people!

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