February Freebies and eBook Deals

By now you’re either a voracious reading machine who cannot be stopped from gobbling up all the words, or you’re really slacking on that resolution to read more this year. Either way, I have a remedy for that!

Free Fairytale and Paranormal Romance

Wintery Tales of Fantasy in Kindle Unlimited

Darkest Depths
by: Yolands Allard

Do you want to know why you’ve never heard of real live mermaids? Because I killed them all. Just kidding, that’s just what I’m trying to do.

Mermaids, unfortunately, are real, and they’re smart. Smart enough to stay out of reality TV. But they’re not red-headed nor wonder-struck. They’re evil. In every sense of the word. From their razor-sharp teeth to their gelatinous tail. Their main source of nourishment is you, your delicious human flesh. And they can look just like you. Unless you happen to notice the reflective sheen in their eyes or the fangs that come out right before they eat you alive. It’s my mission to kill every last one, and then hopefully, maybe, save your butt… if I have time. So, do us both a favor, stay out of my way. Stay in the sunshine where they can’t travel. I and the other hunters have got the nights covered and soaked in the black blood of mermaids.

Regards, Harper Hatchet, Mermaid Hunter

Kingdom of Salt
by: Shiulie Ghosh

Mermaids are real – but they’re not as legend paints them. Not at all.

When spoiled rich heiress Ash falls overboard from a luxury cruiser, her life changes forever. The good news: she’s rescued and saved from drowning. The bad news: she’s now trapped on a desert island with a smouldering stranger who’s hiding a secret.

Finn is gorgeous, brooding, super-strong – and not human. He’s a creature of the sea, able to breathe water as easily as he does air. But he’s an outcast, shunned by his own people because of his bloodline.

As Ash learns more about the mysterious merman, she discovers a world she never knew existed. A side of herself she never knew she had. Her future lies beneath the sea. But in order to fulfil her destiny, she must risk it all to change an entire Kingdom.

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