Free Books and Great Deals for March 2022

Free Paranormal and Fantasy Romance

February might be over, but love is still in the air. Grab these freebies before March 31st and fill up your eReader for the month!

YA Fantasy and Fairytale Romance

Check out these awesome fantasies and fairytales and grab these eBooks while they’re still in Kindle Unlimited.

Forensics and Dragon Fire
by: Michael Angel
a free novella

In Centaur of the Crime, LAPD Crime Scene Analyst Dayna Chrissie had to solve a royal murder before war broke out between human and centaur. Now Dayna’s got a brand new case. When one of Andeluvia’s dragon riders is found torn apart by his mount, she’s got a golden opportunity to prove her worth to the new ruler and his nobles. When evidence of a darkly plotted murder surfaces, she’s got her work cut out for her. Yet in a land of treacherous nobles and war-mongering knights, Dayna must decide how far she’ll go to uncover the truth – and what price she’s willing to pay to expose it!

Wings of Mercy
By: Stephanie Mirro

He can run, but he can’t hide.

Not from the war I’m bringing. Remember when I said friendly and fae don’t usually go together? Yeah, I shouldn’t have forgotten that little fact.

That godsdamned fae better watch his back because everything I’ve fought so hard for is on the line. I’ll tear his world apart before I let him ruin mine.

Hell hath no fury like a stubborn phoenix with a whole lot of anger issues.

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