1linewed, Giveaway

Vacancy, The Omnibus, is Here!

I don’t know why I schedule everything for Wednesdays here at AKCaggiano publishing, but boy do I ever. It’s #1linewed by default, I always release my newsletter on a Wednesday, and pretty much all of my books come out on Wednesdays too. Today is all three!

First, the omnibus!

There isn’t any new content included here, though I did consider adding a short story or a prequel. I didn’t want it to seem like a cash grab, and I don’t know if people would see it that way or not, but I didn’t have that content ready for release along with this anyway, so this is just a collection of The Weary Traveler, The Wayward Deed, and The Willful Inheritor all in once place. It’s only in ebook format because I think it would actually be too many pages in print for Amazon to bind. (That might not be true, I could probably manipulate fonts and page size to make it work, but that’s a lot of work for something no one but my mom is ever going to order.) This is also the most economical way to purchase the series if you don’t have Kindle Unlimited, so if you’ve been waiting for something like this, here it is!

All right, now the newsletter. She’s here, and she talks about my writing process lately (incredibly prolific) and what I’ll be working on next. If you want to know more about my upcoming project The Lockport Mysteries, there’s a bit of extra info in there for you. She’s also got a bunch of links to freebies and KU deals!

Finally, #1linewed from the first of my current project, series still unnamed, but individual book called Throne in the Dark.

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