April 2022 Giveaways and Kindle Unlimited Bundles!

A new month is here which means I have more promotional bundles to lob at you full of free ebooks and awesome releases in Kindle Unlimited. Even if you don’t have Kindle Unlimited, you can still read any of these books for their listed price (which is often a total steal) in the Kindle Cloud Reader on your PC or on the Kindle app on your phone. That’s how I read all of my ebooks–directly on my phone!

Giveaway – All Genres

All-Genre Book Giveaway!
Mommy and Daddy Issues – Discover these FREE eBooks featuring bad or missing parents

Kindle Unlimited – Fantasy

Magical Escapes
Get these fantasy ebooks in Kindle Unlimited

Swan Dive Into Spring
More fantasy ebooks to start spring off right in Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited – Mystery

Mystery Reads
All available in Kindle Unlimited for Easter

Kindle Unlimited – All Genre

Shattered Characters
All genres available in Kindle Unlimited through April 30th

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