Free eBook Features for April 2022

Check out these ebooks being given away by my fellow authors. You can grab them in PDF, MOBI or ePub formats and read them on any device.

Hunger & Cursed Shadow
by: Jessaca Willis

They thought demons were gone…they were wrong.

Only a few months after Halira saved Arcathain from destruction, she and her sister Kalli learn of an attack in a neighboring town.

They investigate, only to discover the horrible truth: Not all monsters died in battle that day.

When the realm needs a second saving, will our heroes rise triumphantly? Or will they plunge the continent into a new oblivion?

Beast Be Gone
by: A L Billington

Creatures in your basement? Undead spooking your castle? Infestation of goblins? Beast Be Gone will clear out those pesky pests and save your health and business – (no dragons)

Eric, the owner of Beast Be Gone pest control, knows that most creatures can be removed with a bit of repellent, however, the adventurers want to do things the flashy way; blowing up half of the dungeon with fireballs in the process. With no work left, Eric is broke and desperate. That is until a young woman equipped with mechanical gadgets becomes his apprentice.

The Boy and The Dragon
by: Erynn Lehtonen

Hidekazu, a keen boy of eight, wants nothing more than to meet a dragon face-to-face.

Although the sacred serpents of the Goddess aren’t quite the same, following one into the deep woods doesn’t end up with the adventure he planned… in fact, it could change the direction of his life forever.

And not for the better.

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