April Kindle Unlimited Deals 2022

Grab any of these books for free in Kindle Unlimited or for their absolute steal of a price on Amazon.

Swords of Deception
by: Rowan Staeffler


Three years of imprisonment has Ellemar dangling on brink of insanity. She’s thought of nothing but revenge, but the unauthorized use of her powers is what got her into this mess.

Circumstances are looking up, though. Seems the Council of Witches have realized they have a common enemy. The very same Celeana who left Ellemar for dead slaughtered everyone aboard a royal ship, and has been a fugitive for several years. The Council sees a golden opportunity in vengeful Ellemar, enticing her with freedom in exchange for tracking down the elusive Celeana.

How could she possibly say no?

Rebel Magic
by: Alex Fox

I hunt bad guys.
I don’t work for them.

My talent for tracking has made me a damn good bounty hunter for the past decade, but it’s also gotten me solidly under the thumb of notorious casino boss, Kai Warcloud.

I need to break free before I kill him or he kills me. The solution? I have to help Kai track down the notorious con artist Laurent Moreau to New Orleans and drag him back to pay his debts. Just one last job… and I’m finally free.

Royal & Ruin
by: Josie Gold

Three things I hate more than anything:

  1. Being a librarian
  2. Having magical powers
  3. Prince Fennion stalking me

I wish he’d leave me alone. Fennion spends way too much time here at the library. He’s a royal prince AND a royal pain in the rear. I get it – we both have secrets most people wouldn’t understand. And his family is shunning him and he has nowhere to go.

It’s bad enough that this enchanted library itself has a feisty mind of its own. I’ve been trying to get fired from here for months. With him here, this place is even more unbearable. Yes, he’s super hot and ridiculously charming…

That doesn’t change the fact I can’t stand him.

The Curse of the Orion Stones
by: S. H. Steele

A Kindle Vella Exclusive

With every tale there is a champion. A warrior born from the ashes and destined for power and glory. Beyond the reach of man was born such a champion, birthed from a cougar and raised by man she is destined to unite the world in untold ways. Sage, plagued by a nightmare that won’t end, learns of her ability to transform into a cougar. Unable to fully control her abilities she finds herself struggling to find her true self as well as unlocking the secrets to her past and her tribe’s future.

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