#FantasyIndiesMay – Week 1

I’ve been posting about Throne in the Dark on Twitter this month under the #FantasyIndiesMay hashtag, so I figured I’d collect all those snippets and lines here too.

First, here are the prompts:

You already probably know who I am if you’re here, but in case not, per day one:

I’m Ashley (A.K.) and my WIP is Throne in the Dark, a fantasy romance with a sprinkling of absurd humor. A blood mage’s attempt to free his demon father is accidentally thwarted by a thief who can’t seem, or rather doesn’t want, to get out of his way.

Day 2 – One line Monday:

Day 3 – First Kiss, which is tough when you write really slow burns, so here’s the first mention of a kiss:

I didn’t do Day 4, so here’s #1LineWed instead:

Day 5 – Weather:

On Day 6 I featured my wonderful narrator, Ellen Quay and her work which you can find here!

And Day 7 – Snippet Saturday, if you’re gonna be a dick, at least be funny about it:

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