June Freebies, Giveaways, and KU Deals

It’s summer! Time to get your books out and lay on the beach! Check out any of these for free:

And check out these books in Kindle Unlimited all months long:

The Bawdy Bard
by Andrew Marc Rowe

This guy. The decidedly anonymous bawdy bard is a man who seems to have it all: more ale and wenches than a hedonistic degenerate knows what to do with. All is well in his world – at least when he rolls into Io’s Breath, a frozen city on the edge of the kingdom of his birth. When a commission for a fancy new lute leads the bawdy bard into a meeting with the Duke of Io’s Breath, the bard’s silver tongue and carefree attitude gets him selected for the job of a lifetime. In the shadow of an impending war, the foul-mouthed musician must decide whether the lure of position and riches is worth dredging up his past. As the memories – and identity – of a life he left behind come rushing back, the bard treks across the land to meet his destiny. Is his musical magic strong enough to put diplomatic end to a war before it’s even begun? And what of the battle that rages within? Can our man in fancy tights deal with demons of days gone by with a song and a dance? Hold on to your floppy feathered hats.

Vexed by Vampires
by Margo Bond Collins

Vampires. Not the midlife crisis I expected.
When I finally got around to dating after my jackhole of a husband walked out on my fortieth birthday, I thought personal grooming was my biggest worry. Until I went on a date with a vampire and ended up fighting for my life.
Now I see magic—and danger—everywhere I look, and somehow I’m the one responsible for keeping everyone safe.
It’s worse than being roped into heading a PTA committee. Well…maybe.
Anyway, whatever happened to finding a teenage girl to be the Chosen One?
Still, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep the people I love safe.
I might even be willing to protect that jackhole ex. But only if I have to.

Unleashed Shadows
by Savanah James

When demons attack her kingdom, elven princess Ara Zypherus is forced to flee her palace with a band of her father’s most trusted soldiers. In that one night, she loses everything she loves.

All that remains of her previous life is her father’s commander, Raethin Corvus. Handsome but irritating, Ara must figure out a way to get along with Raethin, or risk losing the last thing she has—her life.

To escape the demonic scourge that hunts them, Ara and Raethin travel to the remaining mountainous kingdom of Waetherea through the labyrinthine Therilean Forest. But when the Kaevari discover them, it is the legendary Rakevan druids and their guardian that come to Ara’s and Raethin’s aid.

As truths are revealed, Ara discovers that she plays a central role to the battle against the dark entity known as the Void King. Together with Raethin and their companions, Ara must find a way to stop the chaotic god before he tears the realms apart.

The Dreamers Saga Box Set (Books 2-6): A Fantasy Romance
by S.H. Steele

Once upon a time dreams were simply images ones mind conjured during sleep. The truth about where dreams come from is revealed in this fantasy romance about a race of beings known as Dreamers. For hundreds of years both sub-races of Dreamers (Walkers and Runners) have abided by one simple rule – don’t fall in love with a mortal.

When Marco breaks this rule, he is banished for sixty days to find out if his love is true or merely a fantasy. The mortal woman, Alyssa, has been pinning for Marco for years. When she starts to come to terms with him being the literal man of her dreams; he walks into her life.

Once Marco and Alyssa met in the mortal world, this sets off events no one could have predicted. Alyssa learns the truth about her father, a man she’s never met. Marco’s sister, Katia finds love in the most unlikely of places.

This box set consists of five stories in the Dreamers Saga.
Dreamers Fortune
Dreamers Choice
Dreamers Legacy
Dreamers Decree
Dreamers Birthright

Join the dream realm to follow these characters through love, loyalty, and perseverance.

More in Heaven and Earth, Box Set 2
by Katherine Gilbert

Questionable paranormal societies, theaters filled with angels, gods, and ghosts, and hidden magical towns. Welcome to the world of More in Heaven and Earth, where humor, suspense, romance, and the paranormal all find a home.

In this second box set, you’ll find the next three full-length, stand-alone novels of the More in Heaven and Earth series, plus a short story which connects Cursed in White and Children of the Gods. Dive into this fun supernatural world and meet the witches, black cat familiars, angels, ghosts, goddesses, and many others who inhabit it.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Cursed in White

Coastal Georgia: What’s supposed to happen when a lightning girl meets a nature witch boy and his black cat familiar? They’re not really sure, either, but they better figure it out soon.

From the gothic, midnight Victorian cemeteries of Savannah, to the haunted, Spanish moss-covered beauty of a resort island with a dubious past, someone is turning peaceful vampires into killers, and it’s down to Carrie, Evan, and Pyewacket to figure out who, even if it means taking down the entire organization which controls them in this funny, chilling, and tender urban fantasy with plenty of healing romance. Full of cosplaying vampires, cryptic gryphons, and familiars who know who wears the fur in this relationship and who should hurry up with that food bowl.

Children of the Gods

Washington, DC: One abandoned theater, two confused angels, and innumerable ghosts trying to put on one last show–and that says nothing of the intriguing goddesses and maddening gods.

Follow Michael, as the archangel meets his oldest friend in very human (and female) form. With the help of their new companions, he and Gabriela need to discover who’s imprisoning them and find a way to free all his captives in this quirky, suspenseful, and romantic urban fantasy. Full of swims with dolphins, goddesses’ days out for mini-golf and cheesesteak, midnight meetings with living mummies at the British Museum, and two old friends from Cursed in White, now on their very first, undercover assignment.

A Wild Conversion

The witch city on the other side of the magical barrier of Salem, Massachusetts: Old friends Emma and Natalie think it’s just another day, until a train crash from another century breaks through into their magical world.

Accompanied by unintentional time traveler, Frederick, the three come to discover that there’s something evil happening behind the quiet facade of this perfect witch village. Now, they have to work together to uncover a century-old conspiracy and survive mundane Frederick’s newly-discovered magic to protect the town from a truly demonic plot in this unusual, suspenseful, and romantic time-traveling portal fantasy. Full of noble centaurs, unexpected magic lessons, deep friendships, and odd cats.

Also included is “Vampire Wedding,” where you’ll discover how Carrie, Evan, and Pyewacket take on a whole new mission in Children of the Gods.

Enter this delightful, warm, and funny paranormal world today!

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