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The Wonderful World of Scary Ass Shit
by: Vaughn Ashby

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Parallel dimensions exist, let’s get that out of the way right now. What matters more is that something is causing them to merge. A process, to put it bluntly, that can only be described as slamming one’s tit in the proverbial plane of existence’s door… or simply put, maximum unpleasantness in all the wrong places.

Monsters, creatures, anything really that can trigger that burning fear sensation that makes you wish you were already dead, they are real. Like real-real, like really-really real. Trust me, but also no one… see what I did there? The Aurora Wasteland seems to be the epicenter of it all. A focal point for the strange and weird. It’s an area that lives beyond man-made borders. A place made up of people you wouldn’t want to meet. People you wouldn’t want to be, because escaping from the nightmare that is the Aurora Wasteland, well, that’s just not possible.

Rebuilding Magic
by: James Livingwood

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In a world where food is thin and magic is dying out, one farmer gains enough magic to water his crops.

Jealousy spreads throughout his community. Even giving away all his crops is not enough. His only chance at safety is to reduce his own rarity. He must rebuild magic and make it common again. But he soon discovers something more ancient lurks below the surface, ready to feast.

The Curse of the Orion Stones
by: S.H. Steele

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A warrior born from the ashes and destined for power and glory. Beyond the reach of man was born such a champion, birthed from a cougar and raised by man she is destined to unite the world in untold ways. Sage, plagued by a nightmare that won’t end, learns of her ability to transform into a cougar. Unable to fully control her abilities she finds herself struggling to find her true self as well as unlocking the secrets to her past and her tribe’s future.

A Dragon’s Smile
by: Luna Fox and F. Lowberry

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A lonely path…

David is just like any other normal high school student: slacking off from class, planning for the future like he’s got everything figured out, when he receives news of his grandmother’s death.

He has never felt more lost.

A grim secret…

Sara moves in next door on a mission: to befriend David. With her bright smile and outgoing personality, she easily wins him over. This can be the start of her new life.

As long as no one finds out about her secrets.

Will Sara fill the emptiness in David’s life? Or will her past lead them back to where they started before they met each other? All alone?

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