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Throne in the Dark – PreOrder and Cover Reveal

Villains & Virtues Book One:
Throne in the Dark
is now available for preorder!

And isn’t that cover gorgeous? The wonderful Anna-Mariya Georgieva of AngeoArt illustrated the cover, and I threw on the text in Gimp.

His dark destiny awaits, and nothing will stand in his way. Except her.

Dark lord, demon spawn, prophesied realm destroyer.

With a demon for a father, Damien Maleficus Bloodthorne’s destiny could be nothing but nefarious, and with the completion of his most vicious spell, Damien is on the cusp of fulfilling the evil inevitability all of his dark machinations have led to.

And then, her.

Bubbly, obnoxious, blonde.

Harboring secrets of her own, a tiny yet troublesome thief calling herself Amma completely upsets Damien’s malevolent plans when she mistakenly gets chained to his side through magic, forcing him to drag her across the realm. Killing her would fix things, of course, but the nauseatingly sweet Amma proves herself useful on Damien’s unholy crusade and then proves herself the source of something even more sinister: feelings.

Will Damien be forced to abandon his villainous birthright to help the tender thorn in his side? Or will he manage to overcome the virtue Amma insists on inspiring and instead cut it out at the heart?

Throne in the Dark is a fantasy romance set in a sword and sorcery world with most of my favorite tropes: enemies-to-lovers, sunshine x grumpy, disguise/secret identity, forced proximity, abduction/damsel in distress, antihero, dark past/redemption, and of course magic (is magic a trope? I feel like it’s just a given in my books). It’s really not very spicy at all, but in comparison to my other books, the heat level is a little higher. Still, it only qualifies for a single chili pepper, maybe two considering the characters certainly think about boning one another a lot. I just can’t bring myself to use any of the “c” words (and I can think of at least four of them!) when I know my mom’s going to read it.

Throne in the Dark officially releases on September 28th and will be in Kindle Unlimited (finally preorders specify this!) There will also be a paperback copy available which, I gotta say, I formatted quite beautifully, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the latest proof to make sure everything’s aligned properly in real life lol. The book is part of a trilogy, Villains & Virtues, but that info hasn’t gone live yet on the listing, so I need you to know, if you commit to Damien and Amma for this book, their story doesn’t get completely resolved in the 130k+ words here. Book two will be out in November (almost certainly the 30th) and book three in February (almost certainly the 1st). Basically, by Valentine’s Day 2023, you’ll get your HEA.

These are easily my best books yet because, duh, I should get better the more I write, but I also just leaned into having fun with this story. It’s ridiculous, the magic is often bonkers, the characters do bizarre shit, but also it is straight up a love story because the world needs more of those. Brief content warning that is padded out on my content warning page: lots of blood (like every chapter), self-harm, crude language, violence, sexual assault (discussed, off page), abduction, torture (discussed, off page), serious shit played for laughs–not to make light of any of this, but there’s a parody element to this book, so murder, misery, and mayhem are joked about often in this world. But at the same time, it’s not really that dark (or, I’ve been so immersed I’ve lost all sense of normalcy, so who knows?)

I’ll be posting chapter one closer to the official release date, so be on the lookout!

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