1linewed, Villains and Virtues

#1LineWed – Theme: Really Is

A snippet from Villains & Virtues, book three. It’s been a while since I’ve done a one line Wednesday. And it’s not one line, but whatever. I’m in a good place with these books, and I’m pumped to get them out, but it’s just slow going. Convincing myself to edit faster is so hard. I know explicitly that 4 fast edits and 1 slow one are better than 2 really slow ones, but getting myself to just barrel my way through the any revisions is haaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrd.

I want to put books 2 and 3 up on preorder. I know this will help people who are on the fence about starting an unfinished series commit to reading, but is it worth it if, for some reason, I miss a deadline? Amazon comes down really hard on people who cancel or change preorder dates, and I do not want to incur that wrath, nor do I want to make promises I can’t keep to my readers. With a looming move in December, I fear disaster, but then I always fear disaster, ya know? that’s sort of how anxiety works.

I guess it’s enough, for me, now, to say books 2 and 3 are on their way.

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