November 2022 Promos and Giveaways

Start the holiday months off right with a buttload of new ebooks! Check out the sales and Kindle Unlimited bundles below for all things fantasy and sci fi as we slip into hibernation with good reads.

Fantasy and Science Fiction sales going on through the month of November.
Box Sets featuring completed fantasy and sci fi series.
Kindle Unlimited reads going on through November.

They aren’t nice, and they aren’t trying to get along.

The fae, shifters, and humans of this world are not one big happy family, and in this massive collection of new fantasy romance tales from 19 authors, their worlds are about to collide. There won’t just be danger; there will be an all out war.

Whether meeting shifters, witches, engaging in duels, stolen brides and arranged marriages, or navigating the worlds of magic that are at war with worlds of man, these books from today’s New York Times, USA Today, and new and upcoming authors are sure to blur the lines between the seelie and unseelie.

Now only one question remains: Can our heroes and heroines prove that love knows no difference between the winter and summer courts before they tear each other apart?

Join the Wyld Hunt and explore the mystic forces of Faery as fate calls unlikely lovers to each other with primal magnetism. This collection includes academy romance, enemies to lovers, urban fantasy, retold classics, friends to lovers, and all new fare.

One thing is certain: these are not your childhood fairy tales.

Mai Sasaki is a kitsune witch. Growing up in a small tea shop with her mother was not her idea of fun. After high school, she left for college, vowing never to return. Nine years later, standing in front of the tea shop, Mai wants nothing more than to have her mother train her to be the best witch possible.

Yuri Sasaki owns a tea shop known as The Den. In the supernatural community, this tea shop is a necessity. Patrons visit Yuri for everything from common aches and pains to shape-shifting mood stabilizers. When her daughter appears after being away from home, she reluctantly gives her a second chance.

Mai must now prove to her mother that she has the discipline to be her mother’s apprentice. Her first assignment – meet with a client and give them a treatment. Will she be able to find them in time?

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