Self Publishing

He’s A 10, But…

This is another of those memey things, and I don’t care. I made a resolution a few years ago to give less fucks, but I think I am finally reaching that actual state. Not there yet, probably not ever truly there, but man this self publishing thing really is getting me closer to nirvana every damn day.

If I understood tropes better when I wrote this, Hunter would have been a full-on himbo.
Back when I was like “I’m not writing romance novels…” except I was 100% writing romance novels.
Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who likes Conrad, but I swear he was written with readers in mind.
…but he’s actually a 15.
Gods, I miss Nikeros! I wish I could rewrite this as a series with a golden retriever love interest and an ice queen heroine.

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