Villains and Virtues

Eclipse of the Crown – Cover Reveal

Illustration by Anna at AngeoArt

I can’t believe it, she’s here, and I love her!

Eclipse of the Crown is finally up for preorder which means I’m locked in to the date, a thing I ultimately had to do or I’d just edit forever. She’ll be here on the 14th, my Valentine’s Day gift to you, and to myself too because I am stressing out about the final Villains & Virtues book. This is how it always is close to a release. I just feel like a lot is riding on this now that people are actually, ya know, reading and enjoying this series (honestly, I had no idea what would come of it, and the response I’ve gotten has had me in tears just about every single day). I so badly don’t want to let anyone down, and coupled with my terrible “please-like-me” personality traits, it’s not the best mix for my mental health. I mean, I will be fine, I always am, but I’m really thrilled to get to the end.

But also, I’m totally not! I love these guys so much. I mean, I thought I liked Lorelei and Conrad, but god damn do Damien and Amma just do it for me. Like, I think I finally figured out how to write people who actually love each other, and while I’ll be happy to leave them in their own happily ever after (spoiler but also that’s how romance works, and if you’re here, you probably know that), I will be sad as fuck to see them go. No more banter, no more will-they-won’t-they-kill-each-other, no more sexual tension! Whatever will I do?

Well, I’ll come up with a couple more sexually-frustrated, lonely weirdos and start all over, but that’s not the point! I love these sexually-frustrated, lonely weirdos, okay?

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