Romance eBook Giveaways and Promos

It’s the month of luuuuuurve which I tactically chose to release Eclipse of the Crown, but before that comes out on Valentine’s Day, you need something else to read!

In this free romance promotion, you can find contemporary, historical, and fantasy romances, and it looks like it’s full of steamy reads!

Fantasy and romance meet this February in this promotion filled with ghosts, aliens, and the enchanted.

If you’re looking for something strictly fantasy-related and maybe a little lighter on romance, check out these reads available for purchase or in Kindle Unlimited.

Agile Breakthrough

A free novella by K.A. Maxwell

She became the very thing she fought against. Will she work for the enemy or work behind bars?

After a doomed stunt to protest workplace bias, Lieutenant Felina Gatti found herself in a cage built to keep in high-powereds, even though she never had powers.

Or so she thought.

Upon learning of her breakthrough, the Heroes of Verity offered her two choices: become a restricted hero for only their cause or become a polarizing criminal. Neither choice was a fair deal.

With two of the guild’s most powerful superheroes guarding her, Felina must rely on past agile teachings to learn her new abilities and find her own path.

Wolf Bait

A slow burn shifter novel by Ciara Delahunt

Finding out that you’re a werewolf is nothing like the movies…

All Eve ever wanted was to belong. She’s in a happy relationship with her boyfriend, Ryan. But when she wakes in the dead of night to a handsome stranger in the park telling her she’s a hybrid werewolf, Eve is thrust head-first into the paranormal world.

Turns out, Ryan is a werewolf and that tempting stranger, Luke, is his rival. Ryan wants Eve to join his pack, but Luke’s broody ass keeps popping up in her life and warning her off. He’s the enemy, the dangerous heir to the Crescent wolf pack. Her first mistake is ignoring him.

Staying with Ryan’s pack to gain control over her powers should be a new start, but between their hatred of hybrids and his track record for lying, she’s lonelier than ever. When she stumbles upon a secret the pack leader wanted kept buried, she must work with Luke to uncover what secrets the alpha is hiding, because it’s not just her life on the line.

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