Villains and Virtues

The Map of Eiren

The finale of Villains & Virtues will be here in two short days, and in celebrations, here is the map of Eiren!

Created by the amazing E. C. O’Connor, this piece really captures the essence of the world that Damien and Amma travel across. I was only able to offer up a few details about places–I know nothing about distance or travel, and I get that, as an author I need to take these things seriously, but one can only know so much, and also with translocation magic…it matters a little less. But O’Connor brought Eiren right to life and added so much charm and detail to this map, that it’s the perfect piece to make me feel like the world is actually real.

It will be located in book three, Eclipse of the Crown, in the ebook and the paperback! But I’ve never printed a paperback with images before, and I’m waiting on my proof copy still to be sure I embedded everything correctly (it is a bear being your own everything, let me tell you), so the paperback’s release will come after the ebook on February 14th.

But, still, the tale comes to an end in just two more days!

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