Villains and Virtues

On Spinning Off

So, I am doing a spinoff to Villains & Virtues. I think I’ve said this before, so it’s not a surprise, but it is a delight, for me. A delight that I get to stay in this world and expand it and fully craft one of the stories that only existed in my head tangential to the main plot. (Believe it or not, the main character in this upcoming book doesn’t actually appear in V&V, she’s just mentioned, but I did create an entire backstory for her because I found her so endearing.)

This will be a standalone book, cozier than the main series, with a dash of found family and amateur sleuthing. I’m playing with a wounded bird x himbo pairing that is so cloyingly sweet I can barely stand it, and a villain that is, in my opinion, the worst. Like, there’s no redemption here, this fucker just has to go (but not before he almost destroys everything.)

I don’t know when it’s coming out, probably the summer? I’m not marrying myself to a date just yet because I’m working on multiple projects at once right now and getting my entire year in order, but you’ll see this book sometime this year!

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