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Wednesday Snippet – Bound to Fall

It is Wednesday, my dudes, and so it is snippet time! But listen to me: you do NOT like the bad guy in this one, okay? There will be other villains to fall for, this isn’t one of them!

Trust me, he sucks.

In general drafting/editing news, I forgot how much you have to cram into the early parts of a book when it’s a standalone. That was my whole problem with the original Throne in the Dark manuscript–it was one book, and I was like, “No, there’s more love here! It takes longer than this! Also the world is bigger! Three books it is!” Bound to Fall‘s “world” is much smaller, contained to a single village, so that’s easier, but I still have trouble being concise with the whole falling part. On the other hand, these dummies are pretty simple and also, like, forlorn little softies, so they should smoosh together nicely in the end. Writing really is just playing dolls, you know? NOW KISS!

A final topic: minor call to action/review site “review.” Do any of you use Romance.io? You can search for books by steam level (check out their specific way of rating spice, they have a scale), and you can search by genre but also by specific tropes. You can throw as many specifics as you want from their pretty extensive lists and find exactly what you’re looking for. And you can add tropes to books you’ve read as well as confirm or disagree with existing tropes on books (like, say, giving a thumbs up to Paladin’s Grace being “funny/humor”). Honestly, it’s pretty damn great, and you should check it out, aaaaaand if you make a profile and stuff, maybe you could copy and paste your existing reviews for V&V from Goodreads/Amazon over there? Because my books have very few ratings on the site, and it would help me immensely if they had just a few more 🙂 Also, the site in general needs more users to drop reviews and appropriately mark up books with their tropes and pairings and steam level! 💜

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