Villains and Virtues

#1LineWed – Bound To Fall – Why Aren’t You Angry?

You know that confusion when someone doesn’t yell at you for getting hurt?

A snippet from Bound to Fall, A Villains and Virtues Tale, that reads: There was none of the exasperation that usually laid itself over the features of whoever tended to Reeve’s wounds, nor were there any of the sharp words telling him to think for once in his life before barreling into danger. Instead she was whispering things like, “oh, dear,” and, “poor thing,” and it took him a too long moment to realize she meant him—he was the poor thing she was concerned over. That was, of course, all wrong.

It’s #1linewed again, so here’s another Bound to Fall snippet. I’m really enjoying these sappy, sweet, cinnamon rolls. It was hard at first, not having an asshole to rely on to fuck everything up, but total obliviousness is a good stand in!

I’ve been imposing some harsher deadlines on myself because I’ve been very distracted lately, and I have a lot of stuff I want to accomplish this year. I think it’s all possible, but it’s hard because I want to do everything right now and just start flinging completed books at you people like Oprah back in the car-giveaway-days. But they gotta at least exist first which means I have to write them…

On the plus side, I know what my next…13 releases will be. Holy shit, 13??? Yeah, I guess! There will be a lot of time spread out between them, and they cross a couple different genres, but provided my muse is agreeable and my brain keeps working, I think I’ll get there. Yay!

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