1linewed, Villains and Virtues

#1LineWed – Bound to Fall – Inevitable Inebriation

If I ever don’t write about inebriated idiots interacting with their potential love interests, I’m deceased.

A snippet from Bound to Fall that reads: She squealed, lifted and tossed over his shoulder like a wyvern’s femur. “Reeve! What in the Abyss are you doing?”
“You’re taking me home, I thought?” Reeve hiccupped and staggered with her extra weight but seemed to be getting the hang of the whole walking thing.
“This is you taking me,” she said, stifling laughter as her stomach bumped against his shoulder.
“Mmm, same thing.” He continued down North Road, wrapping an arm tightly around her legs. “Don’t drop me, ‘kay?” 
She truly giggled then, relaxing against him. “I’ll do my best."

You guys know all these lines are in their pre-edited states right? Sometimes they remain the same in the final manuscript, but I forget what I post, and I edit with abandon like a bajillion times before releasing books, so I add and take out a lot with, like, zero respect to what came before. I only say this because there was some “don’t mislead the reader with promotion” type talk recently, and I think it was in regard to whole scenes being posted by an author and then not in the actual book in the end, but it made me feel bad about changing these snippets up after I’ve posted them. But on the other hand, I just like sharing little pieces of my work with you guys, and I love to see snippets of other peoples’ writing, so I wouldn’t want to stop if it’s not actually harmful. I don’t think I’ve ever not included something I’ve posted, so I guess this is just a blanket sort of, “I reserve the right to fix my typos and make stuff sound better, but also let you know I won’t tell you something has a specific trope or scene in order to convince you to pick up a book and then not actually include it in the book because that would be shitty and also false advertising.”

(I also reserve the right to be incorrect about subjective things like labeling my work a romcom–I can’t actually guarantee you’ll laugh but I *am* trying!)

Also, I’ve had an uptick in people messaging me about trigger warnings, and I just want to let anyone who sees this know: please don’t ever hesitate to contact me for more information. I do have a page on my website where I do my best to overzealously list content warnings, but it was pointed out to me recently that some of them were way too vague, so I did my best to update them, but again, I try my best to answer messages and be open, and if I ever don’t respond, chances are your message got lost somewhere on my FB dashboard because that thing is kind of hell, so try again! I want my work to be accessible and safe, but sometimes I do write some troubling stuff. 💗

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