Villains and Virtues

#1LineWed – Bound To Fall – Holy Horniness

Even holy men get horny. I mean, I assume so, at least when they find the right person.

In writing news, I’ve been pretty on track which is a blessing, and I’ve been getting a few extras taken care of which means fun surprises just might be coming up, but I can’t say any more than that!

In Zon news, you’ve probably seen they’re charging more for KU and they’re upping our print prices for physical books. My print books are pretty cheap in comparison to most. I forgo traditional spacing so they’re fewer pages which cuts down on cost (really V&V should be 500+ pages each), I only list on Zon to avoid the insane markup of other platforms, and I take a pretty low royalty. I justify this in a couple ways. One, I’m still a baby author in my own eyes–I have a lot to learn about craft, and I consider every new project experimental. And two, you’re going to find more errors in my books than in something trad published, but hopefully you’ll also recognize that you spent a quarter to half as much on my book and forgive my bare v bear oversights lol.

But I also recognize that this puts other authors in a tough position–I don’t want to undercut my peers. Also, it would be cool to be listed on B&N, right? I mean, I care about that a lot less, but many people won’t touch a book that’s restricted to the Zon, and I respect that, so…I don’t know, it’s tough.

But this isn’t saying I’m dropping out of KU! I’ll stick that out until they really royally fuck us (which might be any day now, April’s numbers were almost as abysmal as March’s). I haven’t done the math on the paperback pricing yet because I’m scared, but you might see those prices go up soon, and I am sorry about it. I guess paper costs more now even though they tanked the quality. (Laughing because it’s better than crying.) I’ll find a way to make book accessible though! Somehow!

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