2020 Recap: A Year In Blogging

Spoiler: Almost everything in here was originally published pre-2020. WordPress gives you some stats, and I decided to look them up to be equally delighted and depressed by my numbers. Reserving the actual page views for myself, here are my top five most viewed blog posts from 2020: Art & Anxiety - Coming in at… Continue reading 2020 Recap: A Year In Blogging

Figures of Speech

Figure of Speech: Paradiastole

My favorite euphemism was born one fine Sunday afternoon when a Jehovah's Witness came proselytizing at our door. Husband answered, intending to politely explain we were already zealously devoted to the Dark Lord, when the good Witness spotted one of our cats, Bartholomew. When Husband saw the man's eyes fall onto and then expand at… Continue reading Figure of Speech: Paradiastole

Figures of Speech

Figure of Speech: Zeugma

I first heard the term zuegma in a course on Shakespeare. I don't remember the Shakespearian example given, but the second was from Alanis Morissette's "Head Over Heels": You held your breath / And the door for me That's stuck with me because it's such a perfect illustration of the term. But this post would… Continue reading Figure of Speech: Zeugma