#1LineWed – Theme: This

This might make no sense out of context. but I think I've posted the context as an excerpt before? Regardless, edits and new ideas change early drafts, and so he is one of my interminable sentences stuffed up against one of my teeny, tiny ones, a favorite combo. Mini update: holy shit things are going… Continue reading #1LineWed – Theme: This

1linewed, Vacancy

#1LineWed – Theme: Sunshine

I'm reviewing the audio for The Weary Traveler, and oh, my gods, it's AMAZING, and it's totally reinvigorating me for this series. I hit a slump with it back in July, but I'm so close to the finish line, and this is like a cold cup of Gatorade being splashed in my face in the… Continue reading #1LineWed – Theme: Sunshine


#1LineWed – Theme: Heart

!!!ONE WEEK, ONE WEEK, ONE WEEK!!! My heart is about the burst!


#1LineWed Theme: Ghost


#1LineWed Theme – Magnify

We're just on the verge of release omg...I mean, on the verge of release month, that is. I've been absent from most social media for over a week because we've been moving. It has been...a lot. And it's not even over, but I can still somewhat get back to normal now. I mean, I have… Continue reading #1LineWed Theme – Magnify