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My April Newsletter is Here!

Check it out here! I made a new banner for my newsletter featuring Celeste and Reeve from the upcoming V&V spinoff, Bound to Fall. Man, these two have hard idiots-in-love vibes, and they're both such cinnamon rolls that the conflict is a little hard. Like, why not just get together right away, ya know? I… Continue reading My April Newsletter is Here!

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Last Newsletter of the Year!

I didn't drop too much new info in it, but you can read it here: December 2022 Newsletter Like in every newsletter, I included links to some awesome promos for the month. Check out all the great scfi, fantasy, and romance ebooks included in Kindle Unlimited and beyond:

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News and Covers and Quotes, Oh My!

It's newsletter day! For some freebies and news, you can check it out here. And if you'd like to get that newsletter to your inbox once a month (and on special release dates) you can sign up at the bottom of this post. Today is #1linewed, theme: was, so I'd like to share this line… Continue reading News and Covers and Quotes, Oh My!


#1LineWed – Theme: Sophistication

I mean, villains arguing about moral superiority is a little like arguing about sophistication, right? Also, my newsletter came out today. Check it out!

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Vacancy, The Omnibus, is Here!

I don't know why I schedule everything for Wednesdays here at AKCaggiano publishing, but boy do I ever. It's #1linewed by default, I always release my newsletter on a Wednesday, and pretty much all of my books come out on Wednesdays too. Today is all three! First, the omnibus! There isn't any new content included… Continue reading Vacancy, The Omnibus, is Here!

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February 2022 Newsletter and Freebies And Fuck Ups

I made such a stupid mistake when I sent this thing yesterday. One of the benefits of Mailchimp (and I don't know about this in comparison to other mailing list providers) is that you can "duplicate" a past email, and then edit it and send it as a new one. This is great if you… Continue reading February 2022 Newsletter and Freebies And Fuck Ups

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January 2022 Newsletter

Another month, another newsletter, this one with some life and Vacancy details. And of course it's full of great freebies! Check it out here! In the newsletter, I talk about the upcoming release of The Willful Inheritor and give this general update: In other writing news, I'm pressing on with both Blightwood and Bad Blood (or whatever I end… Continue reading January 2022 Newsletter

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December 2021 Newsletter – Also, Hey!

Sorry, it's been like...three weeks since I've blogged? But I did get my newsletter out on time yesterday! You can check it out here! I give a general life update inside it, but here it is too: I both did and did not expect to go silent at the end of the year. I had… Continue reading December 2021 Newsletter – Also, Hey!


November 2021 Newsletter – Giveaways, Updates, Excerpts, Oh my!

Mandatory link to the newsletter here! Check it out for some fun giveaways, some great deals on KU books, a couple featured reads, and some updates from me on Bad Blood, Vacancy/The Willful Inheritor, and Blightwood. And, since you're here, I figured I'd share an extra tidbit: when Blightwood comes out, I'm thinking of doing… Continue reading November 2021 Newsletter – Giveaways, Updates, Excerpts, Oh my!

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October 2021 Newsletter

You can catch up with all my October things here if you're not already subscribed, but if you aren't subscribed, why the hell not? You'll be the first to know when The Willful Inheritor comes out, and the first to get excerpts from upcoming books as well as all the giveaways and goodies linked directly… Continue reading October 2021 Newsletter