I LOVE BALANCING POSES. They make me feel like someone who is graceful and elegant and all the things I’m not. Today, I successfully did not place either foot back on the ground until the video prompted me because I am a goddamned crane/dancer/tree.

We’re moving into the last week of Dedicate which means I’ll soon be on my own to motivate myself to get on the mat every day. You’d think it would be the same–just get up every morning like I’ve been doing and get to it–but there’s something special about completing a series, collecting those experiences as they come out, that makes it a tiny bit easier to begin. Getting on the mat is the hardest part, Adriene always says.

I read a quote once about balance, but I can’t find it now. it went something like this:

You don’t find balance by standing perfectly still, you find it by constantly shifting.

I can’t recall the exact words, but the concept stuck with me because it’s not one of those bullshit-isms: it’s actually true. In a yoga pose, you don’t try to come to complete stillness in order to stay up on one leg, you have to move a tiny bit to stay there, and really you should be breathing and moving the whole time anyway. If you strive to find complete stillness, you’re a lot more likely to fall over (and hold your breath which isn’t great). Similarly, in other aspects of your life, you won’t find balance by halting your progress or sticking to a perfect routine because the world around you is constantly shifting and if you don’t go with the flow you’re sure to be knocked off course.

So when I’m in tree or dancer or really anything, that quote floats around my mind in some way, like a mantra. It’s not standing still, it’s moving to accommodate everything else.


Blogmas: Tannenbaum

One of the most basic of basics at Christmastime is probably the tree. I ordered a new fake tree from Amazon a few days ago and the miracle of fast shipping got the 7 and a half foot synthetic spruce to my door yesterday. But the living room wasn’t really setup to properly display it, so redecorating was in order.

Hubs and I have a pseudo-contemporary-bungalow which means an awesome, if small, open concept, but also a really weird layout for the furniture we bought for our first house (three pieces we haggled the price low enough to justify their unsightliness). There was basically only one way to setup the living room, so we’ve had it that way for two years. Then I wanted to make a desk area, so we modified things a bit and kind of moved one of the pieces of furniture in front of the world’s most non-strategically placed fireplace (it’s basically in a hallway, filed under Things I Don’t Fucking Understand).

So today we were trying to figure out what to do, and Husband mentioned offhandedly moving the TV into the bedroom, something he’d been suggesting for a while. We don’t have cable and very rarely watch anything on the actual TV, but removing the TV from the living room was an idea I was resistant to for a really long time until today when I realized there was no reason not to. Keeping the TV as the focal point for the sofa was just another thing I felt like we needed to do because that’s what one does.

So we rearranged everything and I cannot even begin to explain how comfy the living room is now. Like, omg, just letting go of the dumbest things makes a world of difference. And the tree has a nice spot to set up as its home.

We went to Target today to get lights for it, but didn’t buy enough, so it’s looking a little sad:

Sad and weird. To be fixed in the near future.

But better than even having it up was probably putting it up. As we did so, we started speaking to one another in Spanish and German, two languages that we know very peripherally, and of course had to head off the littlest of our cats so he didn’t eat every fiber that fell off the thing. Husband complained about pulling down all the individual branches and asked what I would do if he just pointed all of his side in toward the tree instead of out which was an image I almost wanted to see, but secretly I know he loved it.

More lights and ornaments are still to go up and some other rearranging needs to happen to finish out the rest of the indoor decor I have planned, but so far, so good. Blogmas is on a fucking roll.

Now please enjoy this alternative Christmas song to an already alternative Christmas song that someone on Youtube synced up to the original movie: