Today All I Can Think About Is The Tree

My goddamned phone won't let me think about anything else, so today, apparently, all my ire and anxiety is reserved solely for the 50 foot piece of nature that literally and figuratively uprooted and just fucked so much of my shit up. You'd think I would be concerned with the election, but I already expended… Continue reading Today All I Can Think About Is The Tree

30 Days of Yoga


I LOVE BALANCING POSES. They make me feel like someone who is graceful and elegant and all the things I'm not. Today, I successfully did not place either foot back on the ground until the video prompted me because I am a goddamned crane/dancer/tree. We're moving into the last week of Dedicate which means I'll… Continue reading Balance


Blogmas: Tannenbaum

One of the most basic of basics at Christmastime is probably the tree. I ordered a new fake tree from Amazon a few days ago and the miracle of fast shipping got the 7 and a half foot synthetic spruce to my door yesterday. But the living room wasn't really setup to properly display it,… Continue reading Blogmas: Tannenbaum