Vacancy Book Three:
The Willful Inheritor


The final book in the Vacancy trilogy.

Hiding out in the charmed world has its perks: fae do your laundry, doors can lead to other dimensions, and the dragons are only pigeon-sized. But the downsides to magic are rearing their monstrous heads at Lorelei Fischer. With the deed found and the mysteries around the bewitching bed and breakfast nearly unraveled, Moonlit Shores Manor is finally under new management. But that management has magically-induced amnesia with an expiration date, and when the clouds around his past have cleared, the new boss will be nether-bent on devastation.

Tasked with brewing a potion to destroy the new owner, Lorelei and her coworkers must collect rare components from across the charmed world while maintaining normalcy—whatever that means—for the manor’s guests. But with a lovesick lycan, an uncharacteristically shifty elf, and an enemy turned questionable ally on staff, Lorelei finds juggling her coworkers just as complicated as dealing with the boss who, up until very recently, had been delighted with the thought of killing her.

And Lorelei’s fear of being outed as human has only grown when it comes to Conrad. Her almost romance with the snarky warlock is suspended between her desire to be totally honest and her much deeper desire to just tackle him and get it over with. Every step taken together to save the manor brings them that much closer, but whether it’s to a devastating truth or a fairytale ending, only magic seems to know.

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