Stand Alones


Supernatural Murder Mystery
Occurs in the Vacancy Universe
Amateur Sleuth
Human Thrust Into A Magical World
HOA Nightmare
(not as spooky as the cover suggests)

Things around Avalon Estates aren’t natural—in fact, they’re supernatural—but getting in is worth it. Some would even say the place is to die for.

Ivy Sylvan thought after losing her job, her apartment, and her boyfriend, that having no other option but to move in with her flunkee brother would be the cherry on top of her bad luck sundae, but after finding a dead body, she realized things can always get worse.

New to the long-established community of Avalon Estates, Ivy soon finds herself wrapped up in the petty squabbles of the homeowners’ association whose president just gave up the ghost, and it doesn’t look like his death is an accident. Unsurprisingly, the odd neighborhood isn’t as virtuous as it appears, full of hardened grudges and secret affairs, but Ivy is shocked when she learns her new neighbors aren’t just lying about their exploits—they’re lying about being human. Teaming up with the interim president, a witch who can conjure fire, Ivy attempts to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding the association president’s demise. Things only become more complicated when the suspect list includes a vampire, a werewolf, and perhaps the most dangerous creature of all: a really cute guy.

Can Ivy successfully divine the murderer while hiding her humanity from the beings that call Avalon Estates their sanctuary from those that are just like her? Or will the murderer out her first, turning her back into a failure with nowhere to live, or worse, into another victim?

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Fantasy Romance
Questing Found Family
Big Parody Vibes

Exiled, once-upon-a-time duchess Elayne Orraigh is cursed, and as most curses go, it took everything—her home, her family, and even her own face. Resigned to hiding herself and her unhinged magic from the cruel courtiers of Yavarid castle, fate takes a turn when hotshot knight Sir Frederick, for fear of losing his own hard-won rank and even harder-won girlfriend, takes on a magically-bound wager to turn Elayne from the ugliest outcast at court into the queen of all of Yavarid.

Neither is prepared, however, when they discover that breaking the curse on Elayne is not simply fixing up her face, but liberating an entire kingdom that has been shrouded in a dark, noxious miasma for ten years by a corrupt elven lord. Frederick’s enchanted bet is quickly convoluted when it turns into a cross-country quest embroiled with dwarven politics, infamous pirates, and mythical dragons even though the latter hasn’t existed for at least a century. As Elayne tries to recapture the future that was taken from her, Frederick tries to honor the bewitched gamble, and the two are put at odds in more ways than one.

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Ancient Greek RomCom
Cinnamon Roll x Ice Queen
The Gods Have Enigmatic Methods

Korinna hasn’t been blessed by a single one of the gods, and especially not by one of the Olympians, but her life is going about as well as any servant girl could expect. That is, until she’s faced with the small issue of her village’s annual virgin sacrifice and the slightly larger issue that she has just become the perfect candidate.

She has a plan, though, and it’s simple enough: find a suitor and disqualify herself. But the gods have, as they say, enigmatic methods, and a very different plan is thrust upon our reluctant heroine. With the help of a winged demigod and his arrows of love, Korinna is sent on an epic journey to seek out her soul mate—not that she believes in such foolish things. But when faced with monsters, the Underworld, and her own untimely end, true love might start to look a little less ridiculous.  

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