I’ve been so lucky to find really professional, fun, kind people to work with during my self-publishing journey. Especially with the advent of AI Art (and AI voice over and AI chatbots/writing), I feel like it’s more important than ever to celebrate real artists, and for us to band together as creatives and show our love and support, so these are some of the people who help to bring my work alive.

Atra Luna Cover and Logo Art

Previously known as EerilyFair Designs (as stated in some of the copyright pages of my books), Anna at Atra Luna designed the covers for The Korinniad, She’s All Thaumaturgy, The Association, and all of Vacancy. She’s an amazingly talented cover artist, her logos and chapter headers are spectacular, and she was so incredibly helpful to me as a baby author. If you want a cover that meets genre expectations and is blow-you-away beautiful, get in line, but it is so worth the wait.

Atra Luna Facebook Page

Ellen Quay – Voice Actor and Audio Production

Ellen’s narration is goddess-tier. She perfectly injects humor and sentimentality into every line, even the near-impossible-to-read ones that I tend to write, and is a total pleasure to work with. I don’t think a lot of people realize that audio book narrators do a lot of their own production and/or manage all the production bits of an audio book. Authors hand off scripts, maybe provide pronunciation guides, and say, “good luck!” and then these vocal wizards come back with the beautiful, clean audio files that took weeks to records just like magic. Ellen is a pro, she’s so kind, and I hope we can keep working together for as long as possible because when I’m writing my protagonists, I’m imagining her voice reading back the lines.

Ellen’s Audio Library
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Another artistic Anna that I am so incredibly lucky to be able to work with, Anna-Mariya illustrated the covers for Villains & Virtues. I was searching for someone to do traditional illustrations for that series because I wanted that sort of old-timey, fantasy book cover feel but with a more modern, comic design, and Anna’s artwork reached out and grabbed my face and said, “I am what you are looking for but cannot articulate!” She was so lovely to work with, and I cannot get enough of her art in my eyeballs.

AngeoArt IG
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AngeoArt Facebook Page

E. C. O’Connor

I didn’t realize how real a map would make my world feel until E.C. crafted me this beauty of Eiren for Villains & Virtues. Fantasy fans love a map, and it’s easy to see why. It was so easy to work with E.C., and she took my frankly vague ideas of placement and distance and landscape and absolutely ran with them, turning the concept of “okay, and then they went here and there and this other place” into an actual, traversable world. Go check out her out and give her all the love!

E. C. O’Connor IG

Minigan Blackwood

This right here is my partner in word crimes. He’s never going to know I put this link up here, but it’s here anyway. Minigan is hilarious, and he’s also my critique partner, so when I reference that person who stopped me from doing something extra dumb on the page, this is him. We’ve known each other since 2007ish and basically realized we were kind of the same person but with just enough differences to continuously be interesting to one another, and it’s just been storytelling ever since. He’s also probably, like, my best friend outside of my husband, but don’t tell him that, it will inflate his ego more than his biceps, and that’s saying a lot.