#1linewed – Theme: To Do A

Enemies to lovers, ~375k words, give or take...


#1LineWed – Theme: Double

I didn't really love any of my lines with "double" in them to stand on their own, so I went with "twice" instead today. Also I hate the word "slough," but I use it because it's so visceral and gross. Ah, the sacrifices I make for my art.


#1LineWed – Theme: Backward

Here, have a line. Haven't done this on the blog for a while! I am so excited about these books that still need a series title. They're my best ever (as they probably should be since, ya know, evolution and all that), and so much fun to write. Also, I just got back some rough… Continue reading #1LineWed – Theme: Backward


A #1LineWed Return – Through A

I haven't blogged much this month, but I'm getting back into it. Also, purple. These books are coming along great, and I have a whole scrum board for my writing process now. It's insane. I'm like...a business now. This is what paying taxes does to a lady, I guess.


#1LineWed – Theme: Banner

The thing about #1linewed is it makes me look very closely at a very small piece of writing. Sometimes I'm fine with just throwing up something that matches the theme, knowing I'll be editing those words in the future, and sometimes they even stay like that in the final draft. But this was one of… Continue reading #1LineWed – Theme: Banner

1linewed, Giveaway

Vacancy, The Omnibus, is Here!

I don't know why I schedule everything for Wednesdays here at AKCaggiano publishing, but boy do I ever. It's #1linewed by default, I always release my newsletter on a Wednesday, and pretty much all of my books come out on Wednesdays too. Today is all three! First, the omnibus! There isn't any new content included… Continue reading Vacancy, The Omnibus, is Here!


#1LineWed – Theme: The Message

Would it be a fantasy romance novel about the son of a demon lord without ravens? I don't think so!


#1LineWed – Theme: Was

I think blood is mentioned in every single chapter of this book, but I swear there aren't even any vampires in it (until book two), and this main character is an edgelord, but also it's supposed to be campy, and sometimes I'm super confident about these drafts and other times I am like what the… Continue reading #1LineWed – Theme: Was


#1LineWed – Theme: This

This might make no sense out of context. but I think I've posted the context as an excerpt before? Regardless, edits and new ideas change early drafts, and so he is one of my interminable sentences stuffed up against one of my teeny, tiny ones, a favorite combo. Mini update: holy shit things are going… Continue reading #1LineWed – Theme: This


#1LineWed – Theme: So

This draft surprises me every day which is a good stage to be in. Shall we throw in a little touch deprivation and see what that does? Why the fuck not?