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News and Covers and Quotes, Oh My!

It's newsletter day! For some freebies and news, you can check it out here. And if you'd like to get that newsletter to your inbox once a month (and on special release dates) you can sign up at the bottom of this post. Today is #1linewed, theme: was, so I'd like to share this line… Continue reading News and Covers and Quotes, Oh My!

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#1LineWed – Theme: Misinterpreted


#1LineWed – Theme: As A

From waaaaay back in Throne in the Dark which isn't way back for anybody but me because it isn't out yet! It started raining last night, and I don't think it's supposed to stop. Maybe ever. Which would probably be just fine since it's so pleasant. The bunnies are even out hopping in it! We've… Continue reading #1LineWed – Theme: As A

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The Sneakiest Peek and A Line

I posted lots of other stuff yesterday when it was actually #1LineWed, so here's this week's line that's actually three because I have no self control. Speaking of no self control...I got clean line art back from the artist doing my illustrated covers for the next series, and I asked her permission to share some… Continue reading The Sneakiest Peek and A Line


#1LineWed – Theme: Sophistication

I mean, villains arguing about moral superiority is a little like arguing about sophistication, right? Also, my newsletter came out today. Check it out!

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#1LineWed – Theme: Attempt

I finished the big edit of Throne in the Dark yesterday and sent the final act off to my critique partner. The manuscript still needs work, as always, but it's so much closer now, and this is perhaps the most eager I've ever been to get a book out into the world. Today's #1linewed comes… Continue reading #1LineWed – Theme: Attempt


#1linewed – Theme: To Do A

Enemies to lovers, ~375k words, give or take...


#1LineWed – Theme: Double

I didn't really love any of my lines with "double" in them to stand on their own, so I went with "twice" instead today. Also I hate the word "slough," but I use it because it's so visceral and gross. Ah, the sacrifices I make for my art.


#1LineWed – Theme: Backward

Here, have a line. Haven't done this on the blog for a while! I am so excited about these books that still need a series title. They're my best ever (as they probably should be since, ya know, evolution and all that), and so much fun to write. Also, I just got back some rough… Continue reading #1LineWed – Theme: Backward


#1LineWed – Theme: Banner

The thing about #1linewed is it makes me look very closely at a very small piece of writing. Sometimes I'm fine with just throwing up something that matches the theme, knowing I'll be editing those words in the future, and sometimes they even stay like that in the final draft. But this was one of… Continue reading #1LineWed – Theme: Banner