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Listen To This!

Today I'm just here to implore you to listen to some music. It's amongst my favorite in terms of genre: comedy. Except "comedy" isn't really a genre of music, it's just how you interpret lyrics. The actual genre is like synth/alt/indie, I guess? I don't know, it's pretty transcendent, but if you like good music… Continue reading Listen To This!

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Everything That Feels So Good

I heard this song for the first time today (yeah, I'm late by about half a year, what of it?), and, like, it's perfect??? Anyway, just had a religious experience this afternoon and felt understood on the deepest level imaginable. It's whatever. P.S. I don't know if I like that video or not (I'm… Continue reading Everything That Feels So Good

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A Playlist For When Your Hair’s Big And Your Voice Is Even Bigger

Because I'm working on that part of The Weary Traveler (the werewolf karaoke scene), I took a little time to put together a short playlist of female power ballads for funsies. This is a playlist for when you want to wear a sheer white robe and run down a darkened, abandoned manor corridor carrying a… Continue reading A Playlist For When Your Hair’s Big And Your Voice Is Even Bigger

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What’s Fred Durst Up To These Days?

If you are unfamiliar with the sharp rise and steep decline of angry American rap/rock of the late 90s/early 00s, I simultaneously am in awe of, and feel sorry for, you. It was a weird time: people dressed in velour tracksuits, bright pink newsboy caps, and a lot of denim, and also the word "terrorism"… Continue reading What’s Fred Durst Up To These Days?

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Blogoween Day 29 – Halloween Playlist

So I'm forgoing Vacancy for another week because moving has been a bit more overwhelming than I expected, and I'm still trying to get prepped for NaNo properly before November hits. I'm confident I can release Vacancy during NaNo, but right now it's a crap shoot. I do have my kitchen mostly organized though, and… Continue reading Blogoween Day 29 – Halloween Playlist


Blogoween Day 27 – An Interlude

So big fail yesterday, I actually completely FORGOT to post, I don't know how, but by the time I remembered, it was too late, SO I'm hoping to get out a bonus post at some point this weekend. But for today, a quick musical interlude. A dude I love has released a new song just… Continue reading Blogoween Day 27 – An Interlude


Blogoween Day 0 – It’s Almost October

It's almost October Time to get crunked on pumpkin spice It's hard to overstate my jubilation Blogoween's coming Hang up your skulls and frickin bats Raise a cup of virgin blood And party with the undead From their year-long slumber hungry ghouls will awake Fend them off with funk-of-forty-thousand-year cake Get your spookiess on Get… Continue reading Blogoween Day 0 – It’s Almost October


A Short Story About Misplaced Nostalgia

Sometimes, because the human brain is imperfect and possibly glitchy due to some kinks in the simulation, we get songs stuck in our heads. And some of those sometimes, we get not a whole song, but a snippet of a song stuck on repeat indeed like a broken record. And even fewer times than all… Continue reading A Short Story About Misplaced Nostalgia


The Tools I Used To Win Camp NaNo

During Camp NaNo, I used a number of tools while I wrote. These aren't necessarily the great works of art that inspire you to go forth and create your own prose, they're more of the pen and paper variety, but you're not writing anything without the utensils, okay? Ambiance I'm a pretty big fan of… Continue reading The Tools I Used To Win Camp NaNo

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Is “Semi-Charmed Life” The Best Pop Song Ever Written?

Yes. Oh, you wanted a whole post about this? I don't know if I can manage that, but how about a top ten reasons list? Wait, you're sick of numbered lists? Bullet points it is! Here's why Third Eye Blind's "Semi Charmed Life" is the best pop song ever written. You know this song, at… Continue reading Is “Semi-Charmed Life” The Best Pop Song Ever Written?