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A Tiny Break And Thoughts On Voice

I've got The Weary Traveler out to beta readers which means I have two weeks while waiting for feedback to do WHATEVER I WANT. Well, not really. The timing was actually perfect as the producer of the narration for The Association just sent me all the audio to review (audio book out soon!), and there… Continue reading A Tiny Break And Thoughts On Voice


Tips For Completing NaNoWriMo During The Holidays

Here are my top five tips to get some of that precious time back so you can complete your NaNo project this Thanksgiving.


The Tools I Used To Win Camp NaNo

During Camp NaNo, I used a number of tools while I wrote. These aren't necessarily the great works of art that inspire you to go forth and create your own prose, they're more of the pen and paper variety, but you're not writing anything without the utensils, okay? Ambiance I'm a pretty big fan of… Continue reading The Tools I Used To Win Camp NaNo