30 Days of Yoga

Lead and Light

I’ve thought quite hard about it, and the best way I can describe how I felt yesterday is akin to a deflated balloon. It’s not a unique simile, but it’s the most accurate.

It was like I’d lost all my air, and just sort of bumped along on the ground, listless and droopy. I realized this morning, after completing yesterday’s yoga session, that had I started my day with that, I probably wouldn’t have felt anywhere near as terrible, but the hardest part is getting on the mat, after all.

Today was significantly more productive, though. I set myself up a sorta block schedule to keep from wasting the day away and boy did it work! Well, that and my iron constitution. Well, maybe more like aluminium? In my bullet journal, I have a section where I track six habits and yesterday I didn’t get a single one, not even taking my vitamin! But today, well, today I got them all. That is an improvement.

I just finished today’s yoga which had some really enjoyable forward bends that I hadn’t done in this way before. I executed them really well, and then I did a terrible job at a few incredibly low skandasana, switching from side to side. I’m discovering a kind of universal weakness in my knees, specifically the left one which is really unfortunate, and my fear of really fucking it up is probably holding me back, but then again, fucking it up for real would definitely hold me back.

If nothing else, I am incredibly motivated for the rest of this week. I’m going to finish my first book of the year probably tonight (yay!) and by the end of the week I’m hoping to have another 10-ish thousand words in my project. That’s the kinda wave I need to ride.

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