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Get the ARC for She’s All Thaumaturgy Now!

I have officially set up the advanced reader’s copy (advanced reviewer’s copy?) of She’s All Thaumaturgy on Booksprout, and now it’s live! This is not the completely polished version of the book that will be released on June 28th (that’s the date, by the way), but a version that still has one round of copyediting to go through. There are 20 copies up for grabs with the option to leave an honest review on either Amazon or Goodreads when the book officially goes live. Reviews aren’t required, but of course they’re appreciated!

If you do download this version, keep in mind there will be some errors, typos, or weird word usage, and in the final book I may make some minor aesthetic changes, but the plot will obviously stay the same. That all seems pretty standard for ARCs, but since this is the first time I’m doing it like this (the ARC copy of The Korinniad was unchanged from the published version), I wanted to be very clear.

So grab the ARC now!

This is a very exciting day! I’m only two weeks out from officially publishing SAT, and it’s getting in front of new and strange eyes already!

2 thoughts on “Get the ARC for She’s All Thaumaturgy Now!”

  1. Dearest Writer,

    The definition of thaumaturgy: the working of wonders or miracles; magic: (p.s- I looked it up!) Fits this story to a “T”

    I love how you intricately intertwine the characters in the story. Humans, Elvens, Dwarf’s, Crossbloods, a Kobold and Dragons……. Your imagination is fantastic and the plot is page turning the deeper you go and yes, pure magic!

    Signing off – Bella

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