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The Association is Here!

I don’t always pat myself on the back, but today, oh today, I am absolutely slapping the shit out of myself because The Association is finally here, it’s out, and it’s on time! Happy Halloween to me!

I didn’t think, Dear Reader, that it was going to happen between my mouth nonsense, Bart’s vet appointments, trying to sell our house, our rental place getting sold to another property management company, and a fifty foot tree falling on and crushing that house we’re trying to sell. I really thought this book was getting pushed back to November, and my disappointment was about to be immeasurable and my Halloween ruined. But guess what, bitch! (I’m so sorry, you’re not a bitch, I didn’t mean that, you’re amazing, and I love you.) Guess what, Dear Reader!


It’s been a particularly exciting release for me because I’ve been more anxious about getting the book into hands (digitally) than I have been about the content itself. As I’ve been doing the last revisions/readthroughs, formatting the layouts, setting up landing pages, etc., my mind hasn’t been clouded by “I hope people like this, I hope they don’t cringe at that one scene, I hope I explained this universe well enough,” and instead it’s been, “I hope people can access this, I hope they have time for it, I hope people want it.” It’s not like that first set of worries doesn’t exist in my brain at all, they’re just so much quieter and frankly overshadowed by the second.

This all actually might even mean I’m finally achieving my 2020 resolution to give less fucks and be more extra. Like, I still care that the book is good, don’t get me wrong, but I care more that it finds the right audience because I believe that audience exists and they are the ones I give a fuck about as opposed to, like, the whole of humankind’s judgement.

So go get it already! It’s right here! And it’s FREE until November 4th on Kindle!

The print version will be out in a week or two (something had to give).

This book has everything: vampires, werewolves, murder, that thing when you have a crush on somebody but you’re a little worried they might be poisoning you but they’re pretty hot so a little poisoning might be worth it. You’re gonna love it (unless you don’t love that stuff I listed then, I mean, I don’t know, but also why are you here at all because that’s, like, all I have to offer.)

You can read an excerpt here if you’re still on the fence.

Seriously, go get it!

You can find a list of trigger warnings here.

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