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July 2022 eBook Giveaways

It's a new month and it's time for a whole new slew of ebooks, free ones, ones in KU, and ones on sale, for your summer reading pleasure! DestinedFree Romance eBooks These books are all free and feature romantic entanglements that are destined to be! Bloody JulyVampire and Witch eBooks for $2.99 or less If… Continue reading July 2022 eBook Giveaways

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What Is Up, My Dude?

Gods, so much. Like, I can't even keep track. We moved! I know I mentioned this in my last blog that was just a copy paste of my newsletter, but Husband, kitties, and I now live in Connecticut. Pros: it's peaceful, it's quiet, it's mostly liberal. Cons: I gotta pay an extra 5 cent tax… Continue reading What Is Up, My Dude?


November 2021 Newsletter – Giveaways, Updates, Excerpts, Oh my!

Mandatory link to the newsletter here! Check it out for some fun giveaways, some great deals on KU books, a couple featured reads, and some updates from me on Bad Blood, Vacancy/The Willful Inheritor, and Blightwood. And, since you're here, I figured I'd share an extra tidbit: when Blightwood comes out, I'm thinking of doing… Continue reading November 2021 Newsletter – Giveaways, Updates, Excerpts, Oh my!


Today I’d like to introduce Ashely Caggiano author of The Weary Traveler

I had the opportunity to do an interview with author Katie Zaber this month, and I wanted to share it here too. Go check her out at and check back here for an interview with her this coming week!


Tell me about yourself. What inspired you to write?

I didn’t start speaking for an abnormally long time after I should have according to all the developmental books. My mom says it was because I was just listening, and while it was much more likely because of some pretty intense anxiety, she wasn’t necessarily wrong: I was listening too. I’ve always enjoyed observing the world and the people in it, figuring out why things are how they are and making up reasons when there wasn’t an answer. That’s where stories come in—the intersection of “why,” “I don’t know,” and “what if?” I found that I liked telling stories, but that whole being quiet thing ended up counter to ever being listened to, so writing became the best way to express myself without being interrupted. See, you just read this whole paragraph, didn’t you?

I turned to fantasy fairly early and…

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Airports Are Comfort

Photo by Anugrah Lohiya on Having anxiety often makes you feel totally alone in the world, like you're the only person who doesn't know what they're doing, like you're an alien hiding in plain sight, like you are every kind of wrong and there's nothing you could ever do to be right. But in… Continue reading Airports Are Comfort

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Some Sights from NH and MA

I'm visiting my family of origin for the first time in two years (thanks, plague), and I just wanted to share a few photos of some neat stuff! I assume this is a scouting troop project. A lake. The northeast has more marshy land than one would expect. Theoretically, I love a swamp. Glenn Ellis… Continue reading Some Sights from NH and MA


Creatures and Covens is Live on Kindle Vella

(Also the whole app is live, but whatever because I'm pumped about this story!) All Wren Pruitt wanted was a night free of ghostly apparitions. What she got was a vampire in her bed. On the run from a deranged warlock and transforming into a mysterious being herself, Wren is thrown into the world of… Continue reading Creatures and Covens is Live on Kindle Vella

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Awesome Paranormal and Fantasy eBook Kindle Unlimited Deals for July

Check out these awesome books in Kindle Unlimited for the month of July. Betty Boo, Ghost Hunter:The Paranormal Romance Complete Seriesby Beth Dolgner Savannah is haunted by more than just ghosts. Life used to be simple for Betty “Boo” Boorman: work all week, then go ghost hunting on the weekends in America’s most haunted city.… Continue reading Awesome Paranormal and Fantasy eBook Kindle Unlimited Deals for July

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Art References in The Weary Traveler

Lorelei is an artist. Well, a failed one, at least. Because of this, sometimes she sees the world through paintings and sculptures. There isn't anything obscure in The Weary Traveler, but I thought I'd post about the handful of references made in case any of them were new to my Dear Readers. No spoilers here,… Continue reading Art References in The Weary Traveler

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How To Read eBooks Without An eReader

I'm writing this post because my dear mother has said on multiple occasions that she will "just have to get a Kindle" when my next book comes out as electronic only. (The Weary Traveler won't be in paperback, just a heads up!) It's very sweet on her part, but objectively untrue, so I figured I'd… Continue reading How To Read eBooks Without An eReader