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Villains & Virtues
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His dark destiny awaits, and nothing will get in his way. Except her.

Dark lord, demon spawn, prophesied realm destroyer. With a demon for a father, Damien Maleficus Bloodthorne’s destiny could be nothing but nefarious, and with the completion of his most vicious spell, Damien is on the cusp of fulfilling the evil inevitability all of his dark machinations have led to. And then, her.

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A runaway bride, a grumpy warlock, an enchanted B&B.

Lorelei Fischer desperately needed somewhere to spend the night, and, as if by magic, Moonlit Shores Manor appeared. But there’s a cost for everything, magic included.

The Association
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Things around Avalon Estates aren’t natural—in fact, they’re supernatural—but getting in is worth it. Some would even say the place is to die for.

Ivy Sylvan thought after losing her job, her apartment, and her boyfriend, that having no other option but to move in with her flunkee brother would be the cherry on top of her bad luck sundae, but after finding a dead body, she realized things can always get worse.

She’s All Thaumaturgy
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Exiled, once-upon-a-time duchess Elayne Orraigh is cursed, and as most curses go, it took everything—her home, her family, and even her own face.

Resigned to hiding herself and her unhinged magic from the cruel courtiers of Yavarid castle, fate takes a turn when hotshot knight Sir Frederick, for fear of losing his own hard-won rank and even harder-won girlfriend, takes on a magically-bound wager to turn Elayne from the ugliest outcast at court into the queen of all of Yavarid.

The Korinniad
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The gods have enigmatic methods.

Korinna hasn’t been blessed by a single one of the gods, and especially not by one of the Olympians, but her life is going about as well as any servant girl could expect. That is, until she’s faced with the small issue of her village’s annual virgin sacrifice and the slightly larger issue that she has just become the perfect candidate.