Today I Feel Awful, But I’m Doing Great

I don’t know why my body insists on alerting me when I’m ovulating to the point I am crippled yet won’t let any of my other baby-making parts work? It’s incredibly rude. But here I am, barely functioning on about three hours of sleep because some-ovary has decided to be a total and utter bitch and make a whole big ruckus about releasing the most pointless egg in existence. My fallopians are just flipping me right the fuck off.

But, I wanted to pop in here to brag that I’ve knocked out a whopping 14,782 brand new words in the last four days, and while I have a bit more to do tonight to reach my 4k daily goal, I am on track baybee! Is this sustainable? Almost definitely not. But am I going to ride this high until I fall off and give myself a concussion? You bet your sweet ass I am.

Also, I love this book. Is that okay to say? I just feel like I need to because, at some point, I’m going to hate it, and then I’m going to end up thinking it’s just okay, and once it’s out in someone else’s hands I’m never going to have any confidence in it again, especially when some stranger gives it two stars within 24 hours of it releasing, so I feel like I gotta celebrate the good feelings I have going on right now. These characters are fun, their thoughts are ridiculous, and I cannot wait to make these idiots kiss. (I mean, if that happens, I’m not making any promises, maybe they both die terrible, tragic deaths and never confess how they feel to one another and go to the great beyond believing they were betrayed by one another, who knows???)

While I do have a good outline, some of these scenes are just writing themselves. Like, stuff happens, and someone says something, and it’s yeah, I need to expound on that, and then develop this in their backstory, and they’ll grow in this way, and they’ll connect in this other way, and that lines up with this other thing I have planned, and ugh, I usually kind of hate drafting (editing is my jam), but this has been a pretty pleasant process! I’m just accepting that it sounds like crap right now, but I’m building the bones. And then I’ll take my word skeleton and layer on the muscles and the veins and the flesh and some cute leggings and a crop top and call her…fuck, I thought the title for these books was just going to organically pop out at me right there. Well, maybe next time!

Also, enjoy this mood board. It’s way darker than the actual feel of the book, but it’s fun.

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