Villains and Virtues, Writing

Cover Reveal and November Newsletter

Hello, Dear Readers! My November newsletter just went out, and you can read it here, getting access to all the goodies therein.

I’ve also dropped the cover for Summoned to the Wilds, book two of Villains & Virtues.

Isn’t she beautiful? Of the three pieces of art that Anna-Mariya did for me, this one is my absolute favorite. It just grabs the heart of this book so well, the two of them figuring out how to work together and play to their strengths while falling for every part of one another. I just love it!

But time is slipping by TOO QUICKLY, and I am on a strict if self-imposed deadline, so I must get back to revising this book so it’s ready for your hands in, like…three weeks? Oh, shit!

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