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Listen To This!

Today I'm just here to implore you to listen to some music. It's amongst my favorite in terms of genre: comedy. Except "comedy" isn't really a genre of music, it's just how you interpret lyrics. The actual genre is like synth/alt/indie, I guess? I don't know, it's pretty transcendent, but if you like good music… Continue reading Listen To This!

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How Much Of A Nerd Am I?

A lot! I play The Sims in my free time. It can be an incredibly chill game, or you can cause a lot of chaos. I usually spend my time building houses and creating people and crafting whole little worlds because, duh, of course I do. So of course I built Moonlit Shores Manor from… Continue reading How Much Of A Nerd Am I?

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Art References in The Weary Traveler

Lorelei is an artist. Well, a failed one, at least. Because of this, sometimes she sees the world through paintings and sculptures. There isn't anything obscure in The Weary Traveler, but I thought I'd post about the handful of references made in case any of them were new to my Dear Readers. No spoilers here,… Continue reading Art References in The Weary Traveler

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Please Watch Jojo Rabbit

This movie became an instant favorite of mine as soon as we were done watching. I love Taika Waititi and just about everyone in this cast, and boy did it ever exceed expectations. This is how you do a funny movie about WWII, this is how you approach sensitive topics with humor and still make… Continue reading Please Watch Jojo Rabbit

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Mood Boards – The Characters from Vacancy

I finished tweaking all the mood boards for the core characters in The Vacancy Series, so I figured I'd throw them up in one big post for funsies. All put together on with the free images there. Lorelei Conrad Ziah Grier Hana Ren

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Character Mood Board – Conrad from The Vacancy Series

I really love playing around with Canva when I've hit a creative wall. I mean, I like making stuff on there when I'm on a creative roll too, but it's especially helpful when I'm all "meh" or when I've been working all day and I still want to do something in the evening, but I… Continue reading Character Mood Board – Conrad from The Vacancy Series

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Character Mood Board – Lorelei Fischer

Lorelei Fischer from The Vacancy Series

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Hype For Art

My lovely artist friend posted her first completed animation this week, and I am so hyped to share it! Follow her everywhere by going here. I love fall, pumpkins, season change, and worms, and this just hits everything just right, ya know?

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A Playlist For When Your Hair’s Big And Your Voice Is Even Bigger

Because I'm working on that part of The Weary Traveler (the werewolf karaoke scene), I took a little time to put together a short playlist of female power ballads for funsies. This is a playlist for when you want to wear a sheer white robe and run down a darkened, abandoned manor corridor carrying a… Continue reading A Playlist For When Your Hair’s Big And Your Voice Is Even Bigger

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My D&D Character – Emi Bounder

So I'm a nerd, and I love D&D. I will admit I constantly forget the rules, know very little of the lore, and never have an inkling about what a monster is going to do besides knowing about these kinds of creatures from myth outside of Dungeons and Dragons, but I still love D&D. I'm… Continue reading My D&D Character – Emi Bounder