Vacancy: A Serial


Vacancy is an ongoing, modern, fantasy serial. Follow Lorelei Fischer as she learns the secrets of bizarre bed and breakfast Moonlit Shores Manor and its extraordinary live-in employees.

Vacancy is updated every Monday, and you can start reading here:

Vacancy – 1.01
Vacancy – 1.02
Vacancy – 1.03
Vacancy – 1.04
Vacancy – 1.05
Vacancy – 1.06
Vacancy – 1.07
Vacancy – 1.08
Vacancy – 1.09
Vacancy – 1.10
Vacancy – 1.11


20 thoughts on “Vacancy: A Serial

  1. […] I’m also probably a super salty lady when it comes to NaNo because I’ve been doing it on and off for 8 grueling years and have not won once. SAD. But I intend to do better this year, and by better I also mean different. Instead of a novel, I’ll be continuing Vacancy. […]


    • I’ve got a couple possible plans for Vacancy’s future. Right now I’m thinking about a collection of short stories from outside Moonlit Shores Manor for possible self publishing later in the year 🙂

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