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Indie Author Spotlight and May Newsletter Archive

Check out my May Newsletter here! In it, I include a quick review of T. H. Leatherman’s The Burning Son which I wanted to share here too.

The Burning Son 
by T. H. Leatherman

I’ve been reading The Burning Son, the first in The Burning Son series, and guys? I love it. Military sci-fi is a newer genre to me, I’ve read some Scalzi and Area X, and while this book is set squarely in that genre, it blends in humor and fantasy in such a fun and engaging way. Full of rapid action that leaves you breathless, and cool characters who feel real and rounded, The Burning Son is an awesome read that paints an alien invasion in a realistic and intriguing way.

I love the Muscats (so cute!) but most important to me is the character development and authentic experiences they go through. It’s also totally refreshing to read female characters written thoughtfully, and Leatherman does a fantastic job throughout at that. I’m thrilled that there are four books in this series, and if you check out the author’s site, he’s working on a comedy fantasy series called Fairy Farts that I’m super pumped for!

Grab The Burning Son for $0.99 for a limited time or free in Kindle Unlimited.

The Blurb:

Five hundred years in the future, humanity has left the Earth behind and explored the stars. Humans colonized planets and encountered intelligent alien life in the vastness of space beyond our solar system. Some of the aliens are friendly. One of them is most definitely not.

Mark Martin is a fighter pilot defending his homeworld from an alien invasion. The Erethizon are a fanatical alien race bent on galactic domination. As his homeworld is overrun, Mark Martin escapes with the only ride off-planet – gun runners. Forced to leave their father behind, Mark and his sister Sophie vow to return to rescue him. But first, they’ll have to rescue themselves.

It’s a race across the stars as Mark and Sophie try desperately to stay one step ahead of the alien menace. Can they find friends and allies before they suffer a fate worse than death: brainwashed pawns for religious zealots bent on galactic power.

About The Burning Son Series

This fast-paced military science fiction adventure. If you enjoy non-stop action with mystery, humor, and surprise twists – this series is for you.

What Readers are Saying:

“Space-bear storm troopers, star pirates, femme fatale cyborgs, and lost princes and princesses add up to fun for genre readers in search of diversion.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Burning Son is a great mix of rich characters, classic science fiction, and a nice dash of humor. Burning Son is a great first in a hopefully a long series.” – Jamie McFarlane – author of The Rookie Privateer series

“Burning Son is filled with complex, endearing characters that have real problems and real emotions, set in a vividly realized universe.” – Bonnie Ramthun – author of the Ellen Reed Mysteries Series

“The twists are unexpected in this riveting odyssey, and the ending will make you hunger for the next adventure in the series.” – Linnea Tanner – author of the Curse of Clansman and Kings series

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