#1LineWed – Theme: Backward

Here, have a line. Haven’t done this on the blog for a while!

I am so excited about these books that still need a series title. They’re my best ever (as they probably should be since, ya know, evolution and all that), and so much fun to write.

Also, I just got back some rough sketches for the covers, and oh, my god, I nearly cried. I legit had to put my laptop down and walk away to keep myself together. I gave my artist a vague idea of what I wanted, and she NAILED it. I have no idea how she pulled the perfection she sketched up from the words I dropped on her, but man did she ever. And they’re only very simple line art too, just getting the poses down and the characters roughed out, but, man alive, I could not be more pleased.

I’m also getting feedback from my wonderful critique partner, sending him sections at a time, and the whole experience is making me more excited than ever for these books. Having that second set of eyes really helps for my own blind spots, and of course everyone likes to hear nice things about their work!

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