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Brandon Sanderson Should Fund A Rival to Amazon Books

It doesn't have to be Brandon Sanderson, but I mention him because he's, well, frickin' Sanderson, right? He just got the biggest Kickstarter in the history of Kickstarters funded, the money's there, and he has some opinions on Amazon and bookstores that I think would make him a good candidate for doing it. So, think… Continue reading Brandon Sanderson Should Fund A Rival to Amazon Books


Second Draft, Faster Than The Last

Well, I finished the draft for book two! Summoned to the Wilds took me 28 days with a pretty tight outline and a good feel for what needed to happen to get me to the ending. Here's my word count per day for the last month-ish: 2/24 - 54303/7 - 46063/17 - 43872/25 - 60353/8… Continue reading Second Draft, Faster Than The Last


#1LineWed – Theme: Banner

The thing about #1linewed is it makes me look very closely at a very small piece of writing. Sometimes I'm fine with just throwing up something that matches the theme, knowing I'll be editing those words in the future, and sometimes they even stay like that in the final draft. But this was one of… Continue reading #1LineWed – Theme: Banner


Oh, No, I’m In The Bad Place!

That's how it feels anyway when I get to this part in the writing process. I knew it was coming eventually, so I'm prepared, but it's annoying nonetheless. This is the part where I look at everything, and I go "Oh, ew, no, bad, yuck, throw it all away!" I won't throw it all away… Continue reading Oh, No, I’m In The Bad Place!

Rant, Self Publishing


So, romanticized, shirtless, sexy pirates with pet parrots and secret hearts shinier than all the gold in their treasure troves on Tortuga island? Great, we love them, more of that please. But book pirates? No thanks. To be clear: I have pirated things before, all sorts of media too--just so much stealing for one little… Continue reading Piracy

1linewed, Giveaway

Vacancy, The Omnibus, is Here!

I don't know why I schedule everything for Wednesdays here at AKCaggiano publishing, but boy do I ever. It's #1linewed by default, I always release my newsletter on a Wednesday, and pretty much all of my books come out on Wednesdays too. Today is all three! First, the omnibus! There isn't any new content included… Continue reading Vacancy, The Omnibus, is Here!


Free Books and Great Deals for March 2022

Free Paranormal and Fantasy Romance February might be over, but love is still in the air. Grab these freebies before March 31st and fill up your eReader for the month! YA Fantasy and Fairytale Romance Check out these awesome fantasies and fairytales and grab these eBooks while they're still in Kindle Unlimited. Forensics and Dragon… Continue reading Free Books and Great Deals for March 2022


#1LineWed – Theme: The Message

Would it be a fantasy romance novel about the son of a demon lord without ravens? I don't think so!


Bye February, Hello Rest of ’22

The last day of February always comes too soon. I wrote earlier that February was more like my beginning of the year, and that still feels true as March is on its way in. Tomorrow I head to the DMV for a new license in a new state, and that's always both exciting and exhausting.… Continue reading Bye February, Hello Rest of ’22


So, I Finished A Draft In Record Time

I, go me. And it makes sense; this book had the clearest, concisest outline I've ever done even though I hacked it to absolute bits at the end of last month when I decided that this standalone, planned out to be about 80k words total, was going to be blown up into a 300k+… Continue reading So, I Finished A Draft In Record Time