Today All I Can Think About Is The Tree

My goddamned phone won't let me think about anything else, so today, apparently, all my ire and anxiety is reserved solely for the 50 foot piece of nature that literally and figuratively uprooted and just fucked so much of my shit up. You'd think I would be concerned with the election, but I already expended… Continue reading Today All I Can Think About Is The Tree


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Fairies and "saints" are my angels.

Self Publishing

The Association Is Out In Paperback

I got the proof copy in almost immediately, and then turned around and approved it right away (a second too fast actually because I found a mistake, had to redo the file, wait til the mistake-riddled one was approved, then reupload and wait for a second Amazon approval. The long and short of that is… Continue reading The Association Is Out In Paperback

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Nontraditional NaNo and Me

It's National Novel Writing Month, and this will be the first time in a long time that I won't be participating in a normal way. I'm sort of sad about that, especially since I'm actually in the exact kind of mood that writing a first draft of something requires (the desire to just kinda go… Continue reading Nontraditional NaNo and Me

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The Association is Here!

I don't always pat myself on the back, but today, oh today, I am absolutely slapping the shit out of myself because The Association is finally here, it's out, and it's on time! Happy Halloween to me! I didn't think, Dear Reader, that it was going to happen between my mouth nonsense, Bart's vet appointments,… Continue reading The Association is Here!

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The Association – An Excerpt

My third novel, The Association, comes out today, and I'd like to share with you, Dear Reader, the first chapter. Join Ivy as she tries to unravel the mysteries of Avalon Estates before they unravel her. CHAPTER 1 Look presentable.¬†Presentable?¬†When had Ivy Sylvan ever not looked presentable? The thought screamed through her mind, her grip… Continue reading The Association – An Excerpt


#1LineWed Theme: Demon


One Problem Sorted (And Health Insurance Is A Scam)

It wasn't terribly likely that it was a tumor, but I had no idea what else this fibrous lump on my jaw could possibly be, so naturally I thought it was the worst. I first noticed it back in late February. If anyone can ever remember back to that time, it's when Covid was just… Continue reading One Problem Sorted (And Health Insurance Is A Scam)


Jinx Is A Fun Word

I'm reticent to blog about personal issues until they're totally resolved. It's at least a little to do with superstition and my fear of jinxes, and probably a lot more to do with this one time when doing that sort of bit me in the ass. Here's that mini-story: On an older blog of mine… Continue reading Jinx Is A Fun Word


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